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Afterburner toolhead ERCF pcb

Afterburner toolhead ERCF pcb

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hartk ERCF toolhead board
SMD components installed by jlcpcb but connectors/bat85 need to be installed by you

Comes with everything you need expect the jst wire connectors
Items included:

1 - BAT85
4 - 2P JST-XH header
2 - 3P JST-XH header
1 - 4P JST-XH header
1 - 2x1P Molex male connector
1 - 2x1P Molex female header
1 - 14P Molex connector
1 - 14P Molex header
1 - 1x2P Molex male connector
1 - 1x2P Molex female header
20 - Female molex crimps (2 extra, just in case)
1- ERCF Toolhead PCB

More info can be found here:

PLEASE NOTE: while a portion of the sale will be donated to VORON Design and hartk, we(PJ3D) and this product are not affiliated or endorsed by VORON Design.
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